Dr. Conenello is NO exaggeration the best medical provider I’ve ever seen. Incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive. I came to him for an issue I’ve struggled with for over a year – he listened to my story and very quickly realize I was misdiagnosed and gave me a structured path to recovery. Have and would highly recommended Dr. C. to anyone, but particularly athletes – he is a master of his craft, high dynamic and multidisciplinary. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. C. BIG UPS to him and his team.😊I clearly understand the five star rating. Support staff top notch. Felt like I knew Dr Conenello my whole life withing five minutes of meeting him. Knew my insurance well and made great suggestions. Professional and knowledgeable. Top rating!We have been patients of Dr. Conenello for many years. He recently recommended a series of three SWIFT treatments. We were SO impressed that it worked after the first treatment. It was quick and effective!As a sufferer of plantar warts, Dr. Rob has been the answer to my prayers. For almost 10 years I have suffered with recurring warts on my feet. For anyone with stubborn warts… they will know that they are the worst. They take everything from you due to having to work around them. The immense pain from this stubborn verruca ultimately forced me to stop working out, going swimming, and doing all the fun things 20 year old’s are supposed to do. After multiple painful surgeries from other doctors to remove my warts, I nearly gave up. However, when I read about Dr. Robs swift treatment, I figured I would try one last time. Nearly two weeks after my first treatment, my warts are starting to die off. If I could give this man 10 stars, it wouldn’t be enough of a thank you for the life he has given back to me.Dr. Rob is a wonderful doctor. I would recommend him 100%! After going to another podiatrist who kept giving me cortisone shots in my feet for plantar fasciitis for over a year. A friend referred me to Dr. Rob and he was able to help me immediately. He is such a kind and compassionate doctor. I bring my two sons there when necessary and they love him too. I continue to refer him to all my friends You won’t regret it he is a top notch foot doctor 😊“After the most horrible plantar fasciitis pain for a year and a half, Dr. Conenello treated me with shockwave therapy and I am pain-free!!! Thank you for all your help!”“I am a dedicated CrossFit athlete and Spartan Race & 5k participant. I had Planters fasciitis in my right foot. I walked into Dr. Conenello’s office crying, stating I just want my life back. I was adamant, NO surgery or shots! He did just that with his Shockwave treatments. During our sessions, I was able to work and race. Within a reasonable amount of time, I was and continue to live pain free! Dr Conenello is the FOOT WHISPERER 😊❤️”“Dr. Rob helped me with my never ending runner’s feet ailments. We are so grateful for his knowledge & expertise.”“I’m an avid runner and I have been dealing with Achilles tendinitis, Dr. Rob Conenello has played a huge role in making me run pain-free.”“Dr Rob helped me relieve my pain. Hospital of Special Surgery wanted to put me in a boot. Dr. Conenello used his Shockwave Therapy and had me feeling better after the first visit. After a few sessions, I was running within a couple weeks.”“Dr. Conenello treated me successfully for years for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. My heel pain was debilitating until I came under his compassionate and generous therapeutic care. I have been pain-free for several years now thanks to Dr. Rob. He is one of a kind.”“I bear witness to the effectiveness of Dr. Conenello’s Shockwave Therapy. I was one doctor visit away from surgery that would have changed my ability to run forever. Dr. Conenello treated me for plantar fasciitis, using Shockwave, and I’ve been running pain free for three years. Thanks Rob!”“It works! And Dr Conenello is the best! Thought I was eventually going to need surgery for my insertional Achilles tendinitis that was bugging me for 10 years, but instead he fixed it with three 5-minute sessions with his new focus ESWT Shockwave Therapy. Thanks again, Doc!!”“Dr. Conenello saved my running not once but twice. Helped me come back from bad Achilles problem (2016) and helped prevent Plantar Fasciitis (2020) I have since completed Marathons and an Ironman, in part, due to his help. He takes the time to find out exactly what is going on and has the knowledge and experience to solve. He is a warm and caring physician.”“I’ve been suffering from over a dozen foot warts for a while now. As a competitive gymnast, my wart issue made it more difficult for me to practice, compete, and perform to the best of my abilities. After seeing Dr. Conenello, he recommended using SWIFT’s microwave treatments. Withing 3 visits, my foot is wart and pain free. Thank you, Dr. Conenello, for enabling me to compete again.”“Dr. Conenello and staff were so easy to work with. The staff double checked my insurance and paperwork. They put me on a wait list, called me in the next day. Dr. Rob’s knowledge and experience helped me get back out running right away. Thanks again. Highly recommend Dr. Rob for ease of getting in to see him, attention from the staff and super a knowledgeable doctor that explains the problem and the treatment needed in a way that is easy to understand.”Here for my third sound wave treatment very happy One of the cleanest offices I’ve ever been in the staff and the doctor very professional I couldn’t be happier they should get six star’s“Dr. Conenello treated my arthritic foot with ESWT-extracorporeal shockwave therapy after all other treatments failed. After 3 sessions, my pain was gone. I’m very grateful!!”“Hospital of Special Surgery convinced me to do PRP. It did NOT work! I tried the cortisone shot to my planters. Likewise, it FAILED to produce a positive result! I walked into Dr Conenello’s office with a boot on and in tears because nothing was working. He applied his Shockewave Treatment, and I was able to walk out with no boot 😀😀. After a few sessions, I’m back training for the various races.”“Dr. Conenello introduced me to the EPAT. Changed my life! Over the course of a 5 visits, the pain I suffered with for a decade has dissipated significantly. I feel unstoppable. Dr. Rob, I can’t thank you enough. You also have an awesome kind, nurturing passion for your profession and your patients.”“I have always had great experiences with Orangetown Podiatry. Dr. Conenello is very knowledgeable and has always been able to diagnose my injuries quickly and get me the proper treatment I’ve needed. I definitely recommend Orangetown Podiatry.”“Dr. Rob is the best foot doctor I have ever been to. His bedside manner is second to none and makes you feel comfortable in even the most uncomfortable situations. His staff are the most professional and nicest people I’ve ever met in a doctors office. I suffered from pain in the bottom of my foot after standing for long periods. Dr. Rob decided to perform shockwave to help rectify the issue. After only one set of treatments I have not experienced pain since, no matter how long I stand. I cant thank him enough for what hes done. I would STRONGLY recommend him to anyone who needs. I will certainly be back if there are any other issues.”“Dr. Rob was the first podiatrist I’ve ever visited and the only podiatrist ill ever go to. Not only did he make my first visit so comforting and warm, he took his time with me and made sure I didn’t leave his office with any questions. His patience is like no other. I can easily say he’s an amazing doctor that really loves what he does because it shows in the way he cares about his patients. He truly is the best in his practice.”“Despite being in serious pain, I have been putting off going to the podiatrist for over a year simply because I don’t like going to see doctors. Dr. Conenello is by far the best doctor anyone could ever have and he’s the doctor that all doctors SHOULD be. Not only is his bedside manner flawless, but my feet have never felt better! I strongly encourage anyone considering EPAT to go for it! I didn’t think there was a miracle cure but this proved me wrong. As an athlete, I wasn’t really able to afford much down time but with this treatment you’re back on your feet (literally) right after. Totally 100% worth it! It doesn’t get better than this doctor and this treatment.”“Dr. Rob is the best! Four (4) years ago he helped me with Plantar Fasciitis. I have not had a flare up since. This weekend I experienced severe pain and stiffness in my big toe. He took me in on short notice and got me back up on my feet by the next morning! Most importantly, he is not only a great Doctor, but a great person!”“You want a Great Sports Doctor??? Then visit one of the BEST. Dr. Rob and Staff are waiting for you. Injuries happen, whether you are training for a race like a 5K or a Marathon, it’s vital to have the right professional guiding you through the recovery process. I sustained two major foot injuries prior to two Marathon’s I ran. Dr. Rob, through his knowledge and support, was instrumental in helping me cross the finish line both times. I highly recommend you go see him for whatever foot alignments you have.”“I was at my wits end, constant daily pain, suffering from Plantar Fasciitis which interfered with my everyday life. For 4 year I went from doctor to doctor, tried many injections, every treatment, and every contraption with no success. Finally, Dr. Rob Conenello came highly recommended. I was skeptical because every other doctor I have seen came highly recommended as well. Being desperate, I made an appointment with Dr. Conenello. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the most friendly, welcoming staff. His office was clean and inviting. Meeting with Dr. Conenello was like talking to an old friend. He took the time to educate me on my condition and explained how he would help me. I appreciated the fact that he was so attentive and truly cared. I was never rushed, as has been the case with other doctors. His warm friendly demeanor helped calm my nerves. After treatment I am beyond thrilled to say, SUCCESS!!!! I am living my life pain free, which to me is nothing short of a miracle. If you are looking for a highly skilled, competent, caring doctor, I strongly recommend Dr. Rob Conenello. There aren’t enough words to describe how pleased I am! Thank you, Dr. Conenello for being there for me every “step” of the way! You are the best!”“Dr Conenello is the absolute best I highly recommend him the whole staff in his office is great I’d give 10 stars if the rating system would let me.”“Dr. Conenello has been serving Special Olympics New Jersey athletes for many years. His commitment to our athletes is unwavering. He takes the time to talk with each athlete and their families, and gets to know them on a personal level, not just a clinical one. He goes above and beyond with getting support for SONJ and its athletes. We are lucky to have him as part of our community!”Despite being in serious pain, I have been putting off going to the podiatrist for over a year simply because I don’t like going to see doctors. Dr. Conenello is by far the best doctor anyone could ever have and he’s the doctor that all doctors SHOULD be. Not only is his bedside manner flawless, but my feet have never felt better! I strongly encourage anyone considering EPAT to go for it! I didn’t think there was a miracle cure but this proved me wrong. As an athlete, I wasn’t really able to afford much down time but with this treatment you’re back on your feet (literally) right after. Totally 100% worth it! It doesn’t get better than this doctor and this treatment.“Dr. Rob is without question at the top of his profession! My family has relied on his skills for many years. Whether you are a high school athlete, college athlete or a weekend warrior , Dr. Rob will keep you on the court, field, track etc. He stays up to date with the finest equipment and knowledge. And being one of the nicest guys ever only makes your experience seeing Dr. Rob very much worth your time. He is the BEST!!”“My daughter competes in Track and Field events nationally. She had pain in her foot that was affecting her training. I contacted him in the middle of the night to see if he could see my daughter. Dr. Conenello opened his office early just to see my daughter and diagnosed the problem immediately. His understanding and care made it possible for her to continue training without losing any time. It is rare for a doctor to care so much about his patients as Dr. Conenello does. He has our highest recommendation.”“Dr C is the best both in the office and in the operating room. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, articulate, caring and compassionate. In addition. he is a motivator and role model to many.”“As a former clinical student for Dr. Conenello, I can say he is the best in his practice. The amount of passion and care he puts into every one of his patients, new or not, no matter how young or old, no other podiatrist that I have come across puts their heart into their work like he does. Dr. Conenello doesn’t just treat his patient’s condition, he treats his patient as a whole. His charisma and great character is what makes him stand out above the rest. He has the biggest heart and always goes above and beyond to make sure every single person that walks in and out of his care is completely satisfied and taken care of to the best of his ability. If you want a great doctor, he is the one. You won’t regret it, I promise. Also, great sense of humor too-that’s always a plus!”“Orangetown Podiatry is a great experience. The staff is friendly and professional and Dr. Conenello is very easy to talk to and is a partner in your health. He listens to you describe your symptoms, is not too quick to diagnose without asking right questions, clearly describes procedures and therapy with a clear defined goal for healing. He is constantly seeking new and innovative treatments, listens to your feedback on the healing progress, and follows through to make sure you are back on your feet as soon as possible.”“Dr. Rob and staff are a cut above the rest. Upon entering the office, you are always greeted with a smile. Not only is Dr. Rob knowledgeable and extremely informative, he cares. He loves his job and makes your visit a pleasant one. I receive shock wave therapy for my foot which has worked wonders on my mobility and everyday walking. I highly recommend this office if you are in discomfort, you wont be disappointed.”Dr. Conenello is one of the best. I went to see Dr. C with burning pain in my feet. His office staff were able to squeeze me in to see him within 24 hours and he diagnosed me with severe plantar fasciitis. He mapped out a course of action and quickly got to work. Over the next few weeks with his help, I turned the corner and have never experienced burning pain since and am now cured. Dr. Conenello’s treatment plan and help was invaluable and I am forever grateful to him and his exceptionally gracious office staff.“I have been a patient of Dr. Rob for many years. With anything exceptional in the medical field, it is all about a Doctor’s knowledge, treatment, experience and outcome. The staff at Orangetown Podiatry is very warm, polite and accommodating. Scheduling appointments is quite efficient, especially when I have had urgent needs. I continue to be active with all types of fitness, strength training, skiing, golfing and beyond. Dr. Rob has treated me on multiple occasions for different types of foot pain and injuries. Dr. Rob’s expertise expands outside of just the feet and ankles. He understands and is quite knowledgeable about the human body overall. Dr.Rob has also successfully helped me with knee pain, leg strength (exercise recommendations) and referrals for a hand injury! I know I have his complete attention during a consultation and he is always available to answer questions! If you live in this area , you need to see him! He is the best in this area and beyond!”“Running has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old and now I run collegiately at Penn where I am a senior. Going into my junior year XC season I started feeling pain in my heel which quickly manifested into severe plantar fasciitis. I tried every method possible with no success. I had to take completely off of running from May 2018-October 2018, which caused me to miss my senior cross season. My high school coach recommended I go see Dr. Rob and I was skeptical at first since nothing I was doing seemed to be doing the trick. I am so incredibly grateful for Dr. Rob. In a time where I was feeling down in the dumps and unsure about my running future, he inspired me by keeping a positive mindset and giving me hope, which he says stands for: hundreds of possibilities exist. I did multiple rounds of shockwave throughout 6-8 weeks and finally am able to run majority pain-free after 18 long months. In fact, I am racing for the first time since last April this Saturday. Dr. Rob is intelligent, talented, friendly, and so generous. He worked around my college schedule to make sure I could get in and heal my heel. I wouldn’t be running right now if it wasn’t for him or shockwave therapy, which is painful but worth it!!”“So fortunate to have found Dr. Conenello – he is truly the most dedicated professional. I had been to a series of podiatrists and things were getting worse (like very bad!!) when a friend referred me to Orangetown Podiatry. Dr. Conenello listened, was so caring and assured me that I didn’t have to live with constant pain. He had many alternative treatments for my sesmoid issues and worked hard to help me find relief. I’m forever thankful to him. Staff was also top notch.”Rob is one of the most knowledgeable foot doctors in the country when it comes to running better and healthier. He is also an amazing listener, always learning and truly cares for people.Dr. Conenello and his staff were absolutely fantastic. I went to his office after receiving several recommendations from orthopedists and running experts, and it was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Conenello took the time to listen to my concerns and goals and made sure that he addressed all of them. I felt like he truly cared about me as a patient. I have been to other podiatrists in the past and I can say without any hesitation that Dr. Conenello is the best I’ve seen. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family members.


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