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Success Through Recovery

As I have matured as an athlete, “RECOVERY” has taken on a much more significant role, as recovery needs increase as we age.  That being said, athletes of all ages should embrace the concept.  We have realized with time that the gains we obtain from fitness are not just from the intense workouts and need to continually grind but rather are a result of creating damage and allowing the muscle to rebuild.  Recovery is where these adaptations take place.

We need to set ourselves up for “Success Through Recovery

-Dr. Robert Conenello

In Christie Aschwanden’s book, Good To Go, she defines recovery ‘as a return to readiness.”  Basically are you prepared to go hard again.  The difficulty with recovery is that there is no metric.  It is a very individual state for each athlete.  It’s more of a state of mind which is related to mood.

Infants understand the concepts of recovery better than anyone.  They are either ON or they are in a state of recovery where sleep, relaxation and nutrition make up the building blocks of their early lives.  The same is true for athletes.  The confusion is that in todays age the term recovery is no longer a noun but is a verb!  We go to perform recovery and there are so many advertised claims of products that will get us there.  Many of these so called treatments have absolutely no science behind their assertions.

If it makes you feel good, then do it!  As we said earlier, recovery is more about mood.  If we feel comfortable we will have less stress and in turn become more metabolically efficient.  The corollary to this is, that if something that is advertised as a recovery booster brings upon pain or stress, then avoid it!  It is my personal opinion that dynamic recovery where controlled movement brings blood flow to the areas in need is critical.  Perhaps the simplest form of this is walking in comfortable shoe gear.

Athletes of all levels of training all have goals.  In order for them to be achieved sometimes the smallest differences in their lifestyles can help them achieve significant gains.

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