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Stabilize your stance from the ground up

Dr. Robert Conenello and Jay Dicharry are long-time friends and colleagues.  They have worked together on several published studies.  In their on-going relationship, Jay is giving all of Dr. Rob’s patients access to his latest product, the MOBOBOARD. 

At MOBO, Jay and Dr. Rob believe every athlete deserves a chance to perform, build durability, and to achieve faster, higher, stronger. They will build your body from the ground up.
Rooted in science, tested on the track, field, trail, road, water, and snow.

MOBO builds athletes from the ground up

As an athlete, you understand the importance of mobility, stability, and strength training. You train your legs, your core, shoulders…. allowing you to be strong and durable. But most athletes overlook the foundation of our strength: our feet.
At MOBO, Jay’s research has stripped away the noise and built a path toward success: to build a solid connection point to the ground, you need a strong and stable arch. And to build that stable arch, Jay and Rob wants to train the muscles inside the foot to support you. The moboboard shows you how to USE our feet properly for stability. It trains your big toe to support and stabilize your arch, and conditions it around the way you move in your sport.


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