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What Our Patients Say

Antonie S.

Dr. Conenello is NO exaggeration the best medical provider I’ve ever seen. Incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive.
I came to him for an issue I’ve struggled with for over a year – he listened to my story and very quickly realize I was misdiagnosed
and gave me a structured path to recovery.

Have and would highly recommended Dr. C. to anyone, but particularly athletes – he is a master of his craft, high dynamic and multidisciplinary.

Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. C.

BIG UPS to him and his team.😊

Adrian C.

I clearly understand the five star rating.
Support staff top notch.

Felt like I knew Dr Conenello my whole life withing five minutes of meeting him.
Knew my insurance well and made great suggestions.

Professional and knowledgeable.

Top rating!

Matthew H.

We have been patients of Dr. Conenello for many years.
He recently recommended a series of three SWIFT treatments.
We were SO impressed that it worked after the first treatment.

It was quick and effective!

Thomas N.

As a sufferer of plantar warts, Dr. Rob has been the answer to my prayers.

For almost 10 years I have suffered with recurring warts on my feet. For anyone with stubborn warts… they will know that they are the worst. They take everything from you due to having to work around them.
The immense pain from this stubborn verruca ultimately forced me to stop working out, going swimming, and doing all the fun things 20 year old’s are supposed to do.

After multiple painful surgeries from other doctors to remove my warts, I nearly gave up. However, when I read about Dr. Robs swift treatment, I figured I would try one last time. Nearly two weeks after my first treatment, my warts are starting to die off.

If I could give this man 10 stars, it wouldn’t be enough of a thank you for the life he has given back to me.

Tamara F.

Dr. Rob is a wonderful doctor. I would recommend him 100%! After going to another podiatrist who kept giving me cortisone shots in my feet for plantar fasciitis for over a year. A friend referred me to Dr. Rob and he was able to help me immediately.
He is such a kind and compassionate doctor. I bring my two sons there when necessary and they love him too. I continue to refer him to all my friends You won’t regret it he is a top notch foot doctor 😊

Charlize C.

“After the most horrible plantar fasciitis pain for a year and a half, Dr. Conenello treated me with shockwave therapy and I am pain-free!!! Thank you for all your help!”

Fionna S.

“I am a dedicated CrossFit athlete and Spartan Race & 5k participant. I had Planters fasciitis in my right foot. I walked into Dr. Conenello’s office crying, stating I just want my life back. I was adamant, NO surgery or shots! He did just that with his Shockwave treatments. During our sessions, I was able to work and race. Within a reasonable amount of time, I was and continue to live pain free! Dr Conenello is the FOOT WHISPERER 😊❤️”

Marianne H.

“Dr. Rob helped me with my never ending runner’s feet ailments. We are so grateful for his knowledge & expertise.”

Joseph S.

“I’m an avid runner and I have been dealing with Achilles tendinitis, Dr. Rob Conenello has played a huge role in making me run pain-free.”

Kiera M.

“Dr Rob helped me relieve my pain. Hospital of Special Surgery wanted to put me in a boot. Dr. Conenello used his Shockwave Therapy and had me feeling better after the first visit. After a few sessions, I was running within a couple weeks.”

Jerald K.

“Dr. Conenello treated me successfully for years for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. My heel pain was debilitating until I came under his compassionate and generous therapeutic care. I have been pain-free for several years now thanks to Dr. Rob. He is one of a kind.”

Gary C.

“I bear witness to the effectiveness of Dr. Conenello’s Shockwave Therapy. I was one doctor visit away from surgery that would have changed my ability to run forever. Dr. Conenello treated me for plantar fasciitis, using Shockwave, and I’ve been running pain free for three years. Thanks Rob!”